List of Works


Shy one, sweet one (2019) 5’
Commissioned by Girlnoise & University of Michigan EXCEL
amplified mezzo-soprano (F#3 to E5) and Pierrot ensemble + percussion

Little boy blue (2019) 6’
Commissioned by the Carnegie Mellon Contemporary Ensemble & The Studio for Creative Inquiry
amplified mezzo-soprano (A3 - E5) and Pierrot ensemble + percussion

Who am I to say? (2018) 4.5’
Commissioned by Shepherdess
mezzo-soprano (G3 - A5, ossia F#5) and violin

Don't say a word (2017) 6'
Commissioned by the Knoxville Symphony Orchestra
Recipient of The Cortona Prize 2019
amplified mezzo-soprano (F#3 - F#5) and chamber orchestra (1/1/1/1 - 1/1/1 - 1 - synth - strings); arrangement available for mezzo-soprano and Pierrot ensemble + percussion

Loves don't / go (2015) 3'
mezzo-soprano (G3 - B4) and piano; arrangement available for tenor and piano

beneath the snow (2015) 10'
amplified mezzo-soprano (G3 - A5), cimbalom, violin, contrabass, and vibraphone;
arrangement available for voice + piano trio + percussion

Sarah (2014) 3'
solo voice (range of a M9, transposable);
arrangement available for mezzo-soprano (G3 - A4) and contrabass

Boža (2013) 14'
folk singer (G3 - G5), clarinet, accordion, cello, guitar, and percussion



Gaze (2018) 9’
Commissioned by the Albany Symphony for their 2018 - 19 season
orchestra (2/2/2/2 - 2/2/1 - tmp - strings)

Hush (2017) 9'15”
An adaptation of the final two movements from "Beyond The Pines"
string orchestra + electronics (2-channel fixed media)

As though we could kill time without injuring eternity (2017) 6'
Commissioned by the Albany Symphony for Water Music NY
orchestra (2/2/0/1 - 2/2/1 - 1 - synthesizer - strings)

Beyond the Pines (2017) 30'
Commissioned by the Albany Symphony for Water Music NY
10 actors, SA children's chorus, and orchestra (2/2/0/1 - 2/2/1 - 1 - synthesizer - strings)

Krekhts (2014) 7'
Written for Andrew Bova, Great Highland Bagpipe
Great Highland Bagpipe and Orchestra (3/3/3/3 - 4/3/3/1 - T+2 - strings)


The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows: the meantime (2019) 8'
Commissioned by Callisto Quartet & The Great Lakes Chamber Music Festival
string quartet

The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows: ambedo (2018) 7'
Written for So Percussion and the Princeton Sound Kitchen
percussion quartet: one vibraphone & one marimba (5 octave)

Turadh (2018) 9'15”
Commissioned by Elizabeth and Justus Schlichting for the Blackbird Creative Laboratory
flute, clarinet, piano and electronics (2-channel live trigger)

bellow (2017) 11'
Commissioned by Third Coast Percussion's Emerging Composers Partnership, made possible by generous support from Louise K. Smith, Cindy Sargent, and the Sargent Family Foundation
fiddle, percussion quartet, and electronics (2-channel live trigger)

One wish, your honey lips (2016) 9'
Commissioned by the Fromm Foundation of Harvard University & Emissary Quartet
Recipient of a BMI Student Composer Award 2017
flute quartet (4 C flutes); arrangement available for Pierrot ensemble + percussion

a sense of who (2015) 6'
Bang on a Can All Stars ensemble and electronics (2-channel fixed media): clarinet in Bb, cello, double bass, piano, electric guitar, drum set; arrangement available for Pierrot ensemble + percussion and electronics

Bulgarity (2013) 4'
Commissioned by the Donald Sinta Quartet
saxophone quartet (SATB)



Snow Drift (2018) 4’
Commissioned by Annie Jeng, pianist

Rise (2018) 8'
Commissioned by Jonathan Hulting-Cohen and a Consortium of Saxophonists
alto saxophone & piano

quell (2017) 7'30"
Written for Evan Runyon, contrabass
solo contrabass (with live processing) and electronics (2-channel fixed media)

Give It Time (2016) 5'30"
Written for Riley Lee, shakuhachi
shakuhachi (1.8) and electronics (2-channel fixed media)