Don't say a word (Score & Parts)


Don't say a word (Score & Parts)


for amplified voice, Pierrot ensemble, and percussion

Commissioned by the Knoxville Symphony Orchestra for their 2017 – 18 season

Arranged for Eighth Blackbird, 2017


Clarinet in Bb

Voice (amplified, mezzo‐soprano)



Percussion (vibraphone; 16” crash cymbal; low A crotale, mounted; small Tam‐tam)

Piano (1 ebow; individually acoustically strung & bowed: C#4, E4, F#5, A5)

Program Note

When I look around myself for an idea, when I feel as though I have nothing to work with, when I feel as though I am nothing, when I’ve been made to feel that I am nothing, I look to the strong women that surround me for inspiration. Women’s stories are tales of strength, perseverance, fire, and drive. And as the tides of history churn, gaining momentum, it’s no longer dangerous to declare, “not it’s time for the women’s turn.” The text for this piece is: “Hush now, baby. Don’t say a word. Now it’s time for the women’s turn.”

‐ Annika K. Socolofsky, October 2017

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