Beyond The Pines

Instrumentation: 10 actors, SA Children's Chorus, and Orchestra (2/2/1 - 2/2/1 - 1 -synthesizer - strings)

Duration: 30 minutes

Recording: Available upon request

Commission: Albany Symphony Water Music NY

Premiere: Albany Symphony & Capital Repertory Theatre, Mabee Historic Farm, Schenectady, NY on July 3, 2017

Program Notes:

This piece was created in honor of the bicentennial of the Erie Canal, which began construction on July 4, 1817 in Rome, New York. The canal was built by immigrants, many from Ireland. In that time, the journey from Ireland to New York took twelve weeks by sailing ship. The immigrant laborers worked around the clock in extremely tough conditions for very little pay. Many lost their lives to cholera and malaria, which spread rapidly in the stagnant water of the canal and the marshes through which they were digging. Life on the canal was hard, especially for workers who were thousands of miles from their native lands. But the canal and its dedicated workers made tremendous changes to the nation, connecting New York City with the Great Lakes and making New York the financial capital of the country. And just as we have been propelled into the 21st century by the internet, the Erie canal accelerated the pace of life in ways that had never before been known.